What is a GMO Ingredient?

Several different terms are used interchangeably with GMO, including “genetically modified”, “genetically engineered”, and “bioengineered”. All of these terms mean basically the same thing -- that the DNA of a food or ingredient has been modified through the scientific technique of gene-splicing.

GMO crops have been an important part of agriculture in the U.S. and around the world for two decades, and have been scientifically proven as completely safe for human and animal consumption. In the U.S. there are eight GMO crops that have been approved for commercial use in food, including corn, soybeans and sugar beets.

What does No GMO Ingredients Mean?

Look for our new seal! When we say “No GMO Ingredients” we mean that none of the ingredients in our TruMoo products, including the milk, is genetically engineered or contains genetically engineered material.*

We require our suppliers of all ingredients that go into every package of TruMoo with our “No GMO Ingredients” seal to certify that they are not genetically engineered.

The fresh milk we use to make TruMoo is conventional milk; it is not organic. This means that the cows that provide our milk have most likely eaten feed that contains GMO grain such as corn. But we do not believe that milk is GMO simply because it comes from a cow that has eaten GMO grain. Our view is consistent with the new federal Biotech Disclosure Law passed by the U.S. Congress in July 2016, as well as other food labeling laws around the world and the SGS No GE Ingredients Supply Chain Process Verification Standard.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

At Dean Foods, we are committed to ensuring that our products adhere to the highest standards of food safety and quality. We only use food ingredients that have been recognized as safe by leading regulatory authorities.

We firmly believe genetically modified ingredients are safe – just as safe as foods made with ingredients from non-GMO crops. Food developed through biotechnology has been studied extensively and judged safe by a broad range of regulatory agencies, scientists, health professionals, and other experts around the world.

Why did we switch TruMoo to No GMO Ingredients?

We know that you want to know more about the food you eat, and that many consumers want to know whether their food contains genetically engineered ingredients. Because of this, we changed the ingredients we use to make TruMoo to ensure none of them contain GMOs and added our new “No GMO Ingredients” icon to the front of the package so you’ll know. *

Third Party Verification by SGS

To go an extra step in making you feel more comfortable about our “No GMO Ingredients” claim, we are working with a third party verifier, SGS, to audit and confirm that our supply chain and manufacturing processes live up to our “No GMO Ingredients” pledge. SGS is a global leader in food inspection, verification, testing and certification services and works with leading food companies around the world. See the full SGS No GE Ingredients Supply Chain Process Verification Standard here


* You won’t see our “No GMO Ingredients” seal on non-refrigerated shelf-stable products, which are excluded from this claim.